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Opening hours

Visiting address

035-13 70 00

Monday - Thursday

Rådhuset, Kyrkogatan 5


Kl. 8 am - 5 pm


Phone hours


Postal address

Monday - Thursday

Kl. 8 am - 4 pm

301 05 Halmstad, Sweden

Kl. 7 am - 5 pm






Kl. 7 am - 4 pm



Halmstad University and Military Academy

As the city of knowledge, Halmstad is all about building a city where people develop through education, business and innovation.

Halmstad University and Halmstad Military Academy's students are an important part of the vision of the city of knowledge.

Halmstad municipal council collaborates with Halmstad University and Halmstad Military Academy in areas such as trade and industry, labour, housing and communications.  

We'd like to remind you to register as a resident of Halmstadexternal link if you intend to move here.

Halmstad University

The university is known for its rich variety of education and small student groups. Research is also prominent and internationally renowned.

Halmstad University's wide range of courses and training attracts students from throughout Sweden and other countries, which is clearly visible on campus and around the city.

More information is available on Halmstad University's websiteexternal link

Halmstad Military Academy

Halmstad Military Academy trains present and future members of the Swedish Armed Forces for service in Sweden and abroad and is dedicated to all the Armed Forces. This academy provides officers, and potential Special Forces officers, with the general courses they'll need for their training – courses that are common to all the Armed Forces.

The academy provides courses in military science, military technology, leadership, education, political science, languages and the value of physical exercise in warfare.

More information is available on the Academy´s websiteexternal link