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035-13 70 00

Monday - Thursday

Rådhuset, Kyrkogatan 5


Kl. 8 am - 5 pm


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Postal address

Monday - Thursday

Kl. 8 am - 4 pm

301 05 Halmstad, Sweden

Kl. 7 am - 5 pm






Kl. 7 am - 4 pm




Litter is an environmental problem that everyone can do something about. Don’t drop litter and encourage others to do the same.

A problem that you can do something about

Don’t drop litter for your sake and mine. Litter-free public areas are much nicer places, are perceived as safer, it saves taxpayers’ money and nature doesn’t get clogged up with nasty substances. By putting litter in bins for recycling the worthless becomes worthwhile!

Litter breeds litter. If some individuals start littering it can soon become a mini rubbish dump because other people are attracted to throw their rubbish there too. Studies show that littering creates a negative spiral: people see it as OK to throw litter in places where there is already litter. Respect for the site disappears, which is why a littered site often attracts graffiti and other vandalism. The result is a site that’s seen as unpleasant and unsafe to be in.