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Kl. 7 am - 4 pm



Accommodation for the elderly

A comfortable home is important for our health and for our daily lives to function. It’s important to review where you live.

Things to think about:

  • It’s easier and more convenient to live on the ground floor and in a building with a lift
  • Spacious bathrooms with showers are often simpler and safer than small bathrooms with baths.   
  • Closeness to shops, green open spaces etc.

Senior accommodation

Senior accommodation is ordinary homes with good access and aimed at people aged 55–65. Senior accommodation is available as tenant-owner or rental accommodation and arranged on the ordinary housing market. Community housing is also often available.

There isn’t a lot of senior accommodation available in Halmstad, so an ordinary, comfortable apartment is often the only alternative. Some companies with senior apartments include:

Service apartments

Living in a service apartment means you live in your own apartment but have access to certain general services and properties. Service apartments always offer the option of having lunch with other people.

Service apartments offer accommodation for people needing care who find it difficult to do this in their own home. Help is provided according to need and help is provided by home-help service. All service apartments have emergency medical alarms.

Individual assistance evaluation is required.

Sheltered accommodation

Sheltered accommodation is for individuals with a more extensive need for care with staff on hand 24/7.

Accommodation is often divided into accommodation units each consisting of a few apartments. Next to the apartments are communal areas that provide a social gathering point for meals and activities.

Individual assistance evaluation is required.