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Contact Halmstads Municipality


Opening hours

Visiting address

035-13 70 00

Monday - Thursday

Rådhuset, Kyrkogatan 5


Kl. 8 am - 5 pm


Phone hours


Postal address

Monday - Thursday

Kl. 8 am - 4 pm

301 05 Halmstad, Sweden

Kl. 7 am - 5 pm






Kl. 7 am - 4 pm



The principle of Halmstad 2020

Vision Halmstad 2020 is built on democratic values.

Every resident of Halmstad should be given the chance to participate in and have an influence over democratic processes.

Everyone in Halmstad is considered equal and our community is characterised by mutual respect. Every resident who comes into contact with city organisations should feel that they have equal opportunities, rights and duties.

The development of the city of Halmstad should be sustainable over the long-term. This means that development should not only meet todays needs but also not jeopardise future generations abilities to meet theirs.